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The 1970s called and wants their razor back! Stop damaging your skin with rough razors that also make your hair grow back coarser. If you have any noticeable hair on your face, using a razor is the worst thing you can possibly do! Tweezing is better but can take hours. Waxing is your best choice for removing unwanted hair anywhere on your body.

Gala Nails & Spa offers safe, discreet and painless hair waxing for:

• Eyebrows
• Upper lip or other facial hair
• Underarms
• Legs
• Bikini line

Waxing removes the entire hair follicle at the root for smooth results that last up to six weeks! A full treatment can be completed in under an hour. For about the same amount of time it would take you to shave in the shower, we can wax your unwanted hair away, leaving the treated area soft and silky smooth. No shave bumps, no damaged skin; your hair will grow back softer and slower.

Another benefit to waxing is that over time you can actually stop growing hair! While results vary from person to person, we see over time that individuals who regularly wax eventually grow less hair! It’s not magic; very simply the hair follicle over time becomes damaged and stops growing hair. This damage in no way affects your skin, and only affects the follicles’ ability to produce hair.

Waxing is the best way to remove unwanted hair without shaving. It’s affordable, painless, and long lasting. Call us today to schedule your appointment or for a free consultation!

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