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Manicures by Gala Nails & Spa will leave you feeling pampered and pretty. We give a complete manicure service including nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing and conditioning, and a warm lotion massage. We finish it off with your choice of nail color or buffing to a full shine!

Who doesn’t love up to an hour of pampering and massage! Manicures are relaxing but also healthy for your hands and nails. Regular manicures can keep your hands looking years younger than those that are not well maintained. A woman or man with well-manicured nails also makes a statement to the world: that they care about their appearance, and pay attention to even the fine details.

We also offer Shellac Gel Nail Polish for perfect color that dries instantly. Shellac Gel Nail Polish is the latest and greatest in the nail industry. It is somewhat of a mix between gel nails and regular nail polish. Color is painted on like regular polish but with a gel that is cured under a UV light. Several coats are applied, finishing with a glossy top coat that leaves your nails stunning and perfect for up to two weeks! No chipping, and no peeling—color lasts through your next salon visit when your nails will be filled with new color. Shellac Gel Nail Polish is gentler than regular gel nails or artificial nails, and can even help you grow healthy natural nails.

If artificial nails are your preference, our acrylic nails are the best in the industry. Our nail technicians have years of experience making your acrylic nails look their absolute best. We make sure to get them done the way you want the first time, but we'll be glad to make any adjustments to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Do you have a special event you're attending and want your nails to match your dress? We can make sure the colors match spot on! We have a large variety of color powders to ensure you get the color you want. Pretty pinks, ravishing reds, and vibrant violets are just a few examples of the colors we have to offer!

Don't forget to add some nail art to your manicure! Our nail artists can add pretty flowers and other designs to add some extra glam to your nails!

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